R-Tech 401 Digital AC/DC TIG Welder 415v

R-Tech 401 Digital AC/DC TIG Welder 415v

R-Tech 401 Digital AC/DC TIG Welder 415v


R-Tech 401 Digital AC/DC TIG Welder 415v. If you're looking to take your TIG Welding to the next level, our new TFT range has got you covered. Professional weld settings built in - Get great results easily. Large 5.1 HD Screen.

Simple to use - Easy navigation - no complicated menus - All settings on single screen. Over 220 built in programs, set up by our R-Tech experts.

Full control of every weld parameter you could ever need. Pre-flow Gas, Start Amps, Slope up time, Main amps, Slope down time, End amps and post flow gas. 5 AC Waveforms - Advanced Square, Soft Square, Triangular, Sine and Trapezoidal wave forms - Giving the ultimate control of weld pool and bead.

AC Frequency to 20-400Hz - Increased arc focus. AC Amplitude - Advanced AC welding mode - Full independent control of EN- and EN+. Electronic HF starting for fast arc starting and low interference. Energy saving - 2x Fan on demand modes - Save power and quiet running.

Water cooler power control - Save on energy and quiet running. 3 Start modes - HF Fast start, LIFT and LIVE.

Spot and tack weld features with stitch function. True 4-way trigger latching with control of pre/post flow gas, initial/final amps, slope up/down. 4TS Trigger mode - Ideal for pipe welding, switch from start to main amps by tapping the torch switch. VRD Voltage Reduction in MMA - reduces OCV in standby for increased user safety. Amperage Range: DC 2 to 400 Amps - AC 3 to 400 Amps. DC 2-400A, AC 3-400A, MMA 20-315A. TIG 400A 60% - MMA 315A 35% TIG 315A 100% - MMA 250A 60%.

415v 3 Phase 22A - No load voltage 70v. AC Standard 0.1 - 500 Hz. Mixed AC/DC 01 - 10 Hz. DC 0.1 - 999.9 Hz.

Yes - Reduces MMA OCV for user safety. 550H x 280W x 660L (mm). Fan-On-Demand fan cooling system for quieter operation.

Advanced Square Wave: fast cooling weld pool, deep penetration and fast travel speed - Soft Square and Sine Wave: Lower arc noise, for a more traditional arc - Triangular Wave: designed for thin alloys, reduces heat input - Trapezoidal Wave. Generator Friendly - Recommended minimum of 12KVA and fitted with AVR (auto voltage regulation).

Package contents: TIG401TFT Digital TIG Welder, Water Cooler, Trolley, 4M WP26 Ultra-Flex TIG Torch, 3M Earth Lead, MMA lead, Argon Regulator, Gas hose, Torch consumables pack. Customers love how we're about more than just great welding machines. Read on to learn more. Whether you need a new machine or an extra machine, you shouldn't have to wait longer than absolutely necessary. That's why we deliver welding machines and consumables fast.

Like you, we work in the real world. Occasionally, welding machines need repair.

When you must keep welding, but your machine says'no', we can help. All our machines are built with robust metal cabinets, tried-and-tested parts and the latest ultra-reliable inverter power components from the top German and American companies. R-TECH PRODUCTS ARE TRUSTED BY. Get Our Latest News And Offers Direct To Your Inbox.

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R-Tech 401 Digital AC/DC TIG Welder 415v

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